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An Ayurvedic consultation considers the whole being. As your Ayurvedic practitioner, I will focus on the root cause of any imbalances and suggest a regimen that will align mind - body - spirit… helping your body call upon its own cellular intelligence to heal.

Your first Ayurvedic consultation will be two-part: an initial meeting to get to know you and understand your unique environment, and a second follow up visit where you will obtain a complete report on lifestyle, diet, herb supplements, and recommended practices.

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First Ayurvedic Consultation (2 part) Initial visit (1 ¼ hour)
Comprehensive follow up visit (1 ¼ hour)
Regular Ayurvedic Consultation 1 ¼ hour $95

Naturopath health insurance receipts available

Ayurvedic Treatments

Ancient wisdom and modern science meet to create a haven of sensory awakening and rejuvenation. Treatments are individually customized to each client’s unique constitution, providing a nourishing mind - body - spirit equilibrium.

AYURVEDAmb Wellness Centre’s qualified Ayurvedic practitioners:


Ann Michèle Bourret

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Naturopath


Anita Sharma

4th generation Vaidya, Guru Kula (North India)


Manu Sharma

Ayurvedic Treatment Therapist, YogGuru, Vastu, Astrology, Spirituality


Natasha Sharma

Medicine (University of Antigua), Nutrition & Food Science (University of Michigan)

Customized facial which will tone, rejuvenate and reveal radiant YOU! Indulge in a series of blissful applications of organic formulations. You will experience a herbal cleansing, exfoliating scrub, nourishing massage to conclude with the antioxidant-rich hydrating mask tailored for your skin. I will have the pleasure of sharing with you my love of Ayurvedic skin care treatments and wonderful anti-aging treatments where organic and natural products act as the nourishing foundations. Length: 1 hour
Price: $110

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment and build in an extra 15 minutes after to allow plenty of time to fully enjoy this moment that you have created for yourself.

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