Yogi Sohan Dev visits the AYURVEDAmb Wellness Centre

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The AYURVEDAmb Wellness Centre was blessed with the visit of Yogi Sohan Dev last month. With ease, humour and a bit of French, the group was led through a series of discussions and exercises that are at the core of the Yogi’s daily mindful rituals. Every participant brought to the space a new energy, charged with love, respect, kindness and acceptance.


…about Meditation…

The regular practice of meditation is vital to personal and spiritual growth. Right meditation is very simple, after 2 to 3 months of regular practice, one can experience real meditation. Sitting comfortably with a straight spine allows this central channel to be the best conduit of energy which connects with 72,864 nadhis (smaller channels). Breath is witnessed traveling from nose to navel and navel to nose…in…out.

Their are scientific benefits when one sits -in silence- a few minutes every day:

  • Reduces stress, pain sensitivity, depression, anxiety
  • Increases neuroplasticity and cognitive function, immune function, positive emotion
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Speeds the healing process of the body by reducing inflammation on a cellular level

…about Mother…

Your Mother deserves a very big respect

  • She is your leading God, your first Guru, your link between yourself and nature
  • When she does something bad, it is her karma, please still respect her
  • Be grateful to her when you feel happy, safe, peaceful

…about Your Soul…

The soul changes the body just as the body changes a dress.

Keep your body and soul light because no one knows when we have to leave this body/life. Be light.

When someone hurts us, it’s an act we called into our life to heal something. It’s not their fault nor yours. Your karma is not to get attached to it – LET IT GO.

Nourish your soul with peace, harmony and light, forgive people.

When you embrace this practice, it allows cleansing. Your physical body, your organs, can let go of past hurts, resentments.

3 types of Anger/Negative emotions

  • Line in stone: unforgiving, too strong, no peace
  • Line in sand: with a little time/wind, this will dissipate 
  • Line in water: as a yogi will not hold onto emotions

4 types of Happiness

  • Health: most important
  • Financial: have enough $
  • Good relationships: they allow positive community
  • Children: must be obedient and happy

3 types of relationships

  • Mind to Mind: no connection required (one can be paid to do something)
  • Heart to Heart: without any expectations because it brings happiness to the soul
  • Navel to Navel: Biggest, as mother to child, as relationship with nature, nothing is more powerful than a woman in this world


➔To open Nadhis (channels) & increase energy flow (morning & evening practice)

1. Leg Lift (repeat 6 times / leg)

  • Comfortably sit on stool or edge of bed, feet touching floor 
  • Breath in while straightening right leg and place right hand on right knee
  • Place left hand over right hand, point right toes up, bending them back towards face
  • While raising right leg, push down with hands against right leg resistance to count of 5
  • Repeat 6 times then repeat practice with left leg

2. Energizing hands (repeat 6 to 12 times)

  • Place hands in prayer pose in front of heart
  • Rub vigorously with constant intensity for 30 seconds
  • Place both hands over eyes, receiving energy
  • Rub hands all over face, head and body
  • Rub wrists, hands, palms (as if thoroughly washing) to fully invigorate. This practice is nourishing for  bodily tissues, especially Shukra & Arthava dhatu (reproductive tissue/2nd Chakra)

3. Hand/Arm pumps (repeat 3 to 30 times)

  • Raise both hands above head, palms open as you breath in
  • Breath out as you lower hands, bending elbows and closing fists, closed palms facing away

4. Chest Interlock (repeat 3 to 30 times)

  • Interlock fingers, palms facing chest
  • Breath in as you stretch out and reverse hands so palms are facing away
  • Hold with arms stretched straight ahead
  • Breath out and bring hands back to original chest position


As you focus mindfully on each part of your body, slowly take a 2 part breath in (longer on the second inhale) – hold – and release using a 2 part breath out (longer on the second exhale).

BREATH IN – Nourishment

BREATH OUT – Letting go

Allow your body to release all that is no longer serving you.

Sit in a place of gratitude with your heart expanded.

Meditation is the single most important thing that you can do to live a life of wonder, happiness and profound meaning.