AyurvedAMB Retreat 2019

Announcing the Summer/Fall 2019 schedule for your Ayurvedic renewal!

Ann Michele Bourret Ayurvedic Retreats

As promised, Anita & Manu Sharma and the AYURVEDAmb Health Centre are offering a Panchakarma retreat: individual and intensive treatments over several days to purify and rejuvenate body and metabolism!

If you wish to plan a smooth transition between the hot summer months and Fall, the Ayurvedic retreats are offered in 3 or 7 day formats, in a serene and breathtaking location.

  • Ayurvedic Retreat (3 days): August 16-18 / September 22-24
  • Panchakarma Retreat (7 days): September 14-21

Expect an authentic experience including Ayurvedic meals and personalized daily treatment protocols specific to your constitution (Dosha) for mind-body-spirit balance.

Located in Saint-Hippolyte (only 60 minutes North of Montreal), this domain will exceed your expectations. No need to fly to California or the Himalayan Mountains!

Our venue brings you authentic Ayurvedic care and tranquility in an exquisite environment… You have to see it to believe it!

Upcoming Retreats

Ayurvedic Retreat (3 day)

Dates: August 16-18 / September 22-24

  • Daily meditation and yoga
  • Mini-Ayurvedic consultation 
  • Ayurvedic treatment (determined according to individual needs)
  • Conference by Anita on living a balanced life using Ayurvedic wisdom
  • Ayurvedic facial
  • Ayurvedic meals (organic), daily snacks and refreshments
  • Walks on property trails
  • Access to outdoor pool and infrared sauna
  • $900 + taxes

Panchakarma Retreat (7 day)

Dates: September 14-21

  • Two daily meditations
  • Daily yoga class
  • Detailed Ayurvedic consultation with Anita Sharma, Vaidya
  • 2 to 4 Ayurvedic treatments per day
  • All ayurvedic meals prepared according to individual needs using the highest quality ingredients (organic)
  • Daily snacks and refreshments
  • Walks on property trails
  • Access to outdoor pool and infrared sauna
  • $3150 + taxes

Your Ayurvedic Team

Throughout your stay, you will be under the expert care of passionate experts.

  • Anita Sharma: 4th generation Vaidya, Guru Kula, owner of Montreal’s reputed Ayurvedic school: Institute of Ayurveda and Wellbeing.
  • Manu Sharma: Ayurvedic Treatment Specialist, YogGuru, Vastu, Astrology, Spirituality
  • Ann Michele Bourret: Ayurvedic Practitioner, Naturopath, owner of AYURVEDAmb Wellness Centre (Hudson)
  • Sheila Southon: Dharana Counselling, Meditation coach & Naturotherapist